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When To Get Roof Repairs

Our roofing contractors are here to help when your property needs some TLC. It’s important to take care of the top of your home. It battles the elements and keeps the building dry, so it’s always good to ensure that it is in good condition. Here are some signs you need to call in the professionals.

Obvious Damage

It can be difficult to tell when the top of your property needs some care, so the first thing you can do is look up and inspect it. If you spot any damaged, broken or missing tiles, then it’s time to call roofing contractors. This can easily happen after a spell of bad weather, so make sure to check things over after a storm. Any weaknesses in the structure can leave your property vulnerable to things like rainfall and pests.

Working On The Roof


If you have a leak in your home, you should contact roofing contractors. Whilst there could be other sources of a leak, if it’s coming from your roof space then there’s an issue with the structure. This indicates that rainwater can get in through the roof somehow, and it need to be repaired immediately. Every so often, it’s good to peer in your loft space to look for any light that might be coming through which could be the source for water ingress.

Moss Or Plants

Plants like ivy might look picturesque on your roof, but it can cause some serious damage. Ivy can root itself between tiles and begin to dislodge them. This can wreak havoc on the integrity of the structure, so it’s best to remove it if you see it on your property.

Moss can also be a nuisance. Whilst it isn’t the end of the world if it develops on your roof, you should get it removed sooner rather than later. This is because it holds on to moisture, so if it’s dense and left for a long time then it could damage the tiles. Roofing contractors will be able to help if they have caused any issues.

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Leave us a review
5.0 Stars - 29 Reviews
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