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Ways To Transform Your Porch

Porches are a great addition to any home. They can serve as a small extension, offering more space in your property. If you choose an enclosed space, here are just some ideas on what you could do with the space.

Seating Space

A well-designed seating space for porches can go a long way. Whilst there isn’t that much room to work with, you or your guests will be thankful for a place to sit down. It’s probably not going to be the number 1 place to relax in your home, but it will be a welcome addition for the practicality it provides. When taking shoes off, a place to sit is a welcome addition to a porch.

Storage Area

Porches are commonly used to store outdoor accessories. Shoes and coats can find their home in these small extensions, so you don’t have to bring them fully inside your home. Having optimal storage is great for making functional use of the porch. Coat hooks, shoe racks and hat stands are great additions to have in this entrance hall. It’s especially useful if it has been raining outside, so you don’t have to walk water into the main part of your home.

Front Porch

Lots Of Greenery

If you have a smaller porch, greenery is going to help breathe life into the space. Decorating the place with indoor plants and flowers can help transform the space. If you have a canopy porch, hanging baskets would make a beautiful addition to the front of your home. To really boost your kerb appeal, invest in some greenery.

Decorative Tiles

Decorative tiles are a popular choice for many porches. These can really make a statement and exude elegance and luxury. It’s quite common for people to opt for ceramic or mosaic styles. A classic checkerboard, black and white tile pattern is a popular choice for many.

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Get In Touch With Us For Porches

At AD Home Improvements, we offer the supply and installation of many porch designs. Whether you want a fully enclosed room, or perhaps just a canopy, our team are on hand to help. For a unique feature for the front of your home, contact our team today.


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5.0 Stars - 28 Reviews
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